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Poly-Hort B.V. was established in 2015 and is located in Nunspeet, The Netherlands. Poly-Hort B.V. and its subsidiaries specialize in cutting-edge polyethylene films and an extensive variety of nets for the Agricultural & Horticultural sectors.

Poly-Hort B.V. has been a member of the A.A. Politiv Ltd. (1999) group who for the past 35 years has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Agricultural & Horticultural polyethylene films.

Poly-Hort B.V. has earned a reputation for reliable and dedicated service, with timely delivery and the highest product quality.  In addition to the European market, Poly-Hort B.V. operates in Russia, the CIS countries, Asia and Australia.

Through close collaboration with agricultural experts and growers from around the world we produce polyethylene films that are custom-made to meet a wide variety of application needs. We excel in efficient product distribution by successfully managing all aspects of production, inventory and transportation logistics. This allows to quickly respond and fulfil the varied demands and conditions of the Agricultural & Horticultural sector.

Poly-Hort B.V. delivers reliable solutions, backed by more than 35 years of experience and expertise provided by A. A. Politiv Ltd. (1999). Politiv has 3 large-scale production facilities in two continents, 2 of which are located in Israel and 1 in Mexico.  The facilities are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment capable of meeting market demands in Israel, Mexico and 50+ countries we export to. Production lines include the most advanced 3 to 5 layered machines in the world, with exceptionally high accuracy levels, as well as a computerized control interface. The data entry layout is fully automated, preventing errors and omissions in the composition of materials.  Politiv employs a highly skilled production team that oversees every aspect of daily operations.  All products are tested according to ASTM and International standards before they are shipped to the customer. (ASTM and ISO click here to view the standards) Tests are conducted around-the-clock in a fully equipped state-of-the-art laboratory by a team of highly reputable technicians. Our factories are in compliance with guidelines of the ISO-9001:2008 quality control system. We strive to establish and maintain long term relationships with our clients, by providing on-going technological support.

Quality Policy Statement

Poly-Hort B.V. standard is to provide excellence in customer service and maintain customer satisfaction in a very competitive environment. This is achieved through team work, diligent effort, and continuous product research and development. We consistently strive to implement new work place practices with the ultimate goal of sustaining customer confidence.

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