Horticulture & Agriculture products

Horticulture & Agriculture products

Poly-Hort B.V. offers the best technology available in today’s market for the Agricultural & Horticultural sectors. We are backed by A.A. Politiv (1999) Ltd. state-of-the-art multifilm production lines that are precisely adapted to the market requirements worldwide.  Production lines feature extremely high precision with a computerized command & control system and computerized production floor to prevent errors and ensure that the material composition remains identical between the different production lines.


With our recent investment in the purchase of cutting-edge equipment, our group production capacity has reached over 58,000 tons per year worldwide. Through close cooperation and input from the farming community, agriculture advisors and leading worldwide academic research institutions, we develop and distribute innovative, smart films internationally.


As part of our growth strategy we offer a high range of custom-made products to answer each and every one of our customer’s need.

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