Silo Bags


Poly-Hort B.V. is proud to introduce, the most innovative silage & grain bag on the market today.


A.A.Politiv in conjunction with ExxonMobil, has developed a silage & grain bag backed by years of extrusion experience in agricultural film.

The SiloTech bag is engineered with the features that matter most to farmers and harvesters around the world and is backed by the industry’s best warranty “The “2 for 1” Manufacturer’s Warranty” Bag with Confidence!

Creep Resistant >> Special resin formulation that creates a more ridged side wall. Allowing the bag to hold a round shape which decreases the risk of side wall failure.

Tear Strength >> Our formulation is designed to resist the tear from causing total failure or the need to re-bag.

Puncture Strength >> Minimize spoilage due to oxygen infiltration.

24 Month UV >> Peace of mind that your valuable silage and grain is protected.


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